Mailing & Fulfillment


Hit the mail stream faster by taking advantage of our data processing and mailing services.


Our in-house data processing and mailing department efficiently completes your direct mail project with all the mail services you require. We de-dupe, pre-sort, CASS certify, NCOA, and can add an Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMb). We control the data processing and mailing, taking the burden off your shoulders.

We’re experts on ever-changing postal regulations and will get you the lowest possible postage rate for the level of USPS service you want.


Start with a pocket folder, add a set of brochures, include a booklet and an application form and you have the perfect kitting recipe.

We assemble your custom kits to showcase your products and services for direct marketing campaigns, retail chain distributions, sales tool programs, educational programs, or as part of a trade show giveaway.

We process in UPS, FedEx, and USPS platforms, selecting the best shipping method to deliver the merchandise to your customers.